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Love and Lip Gloss


I actually really needed to read this right now.



it’s 2013 why hasn’t a bank had the slogan “it’s common cents” yet


Jennifer at the Cannes 2014 Film Festival (5.17.2014)


Facts !!


Favorite Disney Movies [1|?]

The Lion King 1994
Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. 
As king, you need to understand that balance,
and respect all the creatures from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.


i’m fine by abigail

Hi My Name is Alexandra. I care too much about people who don't care about me and over think as much as I breathe. I love books, music and films and grow far too attached to fictional characters. I believe that you should grow old but never up and that everything works out in the end. I love my family and friends more than anything. I have a passion for fashion with a bit of a fangirl heart.....

Anything else worth knowing you can find either here or by messaging me! XX Alex

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